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Lisa Yokana

Scarsdale High School
STEAM Coordinator
Bronxville, New York
An educator for over fifteen years, Lisa Yokana is the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) coordinator at Scarsdale High School, where she designed and teaches a three level STEAM course sequence for Scarsdale’s Design Lab. She works with teachers across the disciplines to integrate Design Thinking and Making into their curriculum. Lisa was a Coach for IDEO’s Teachers Guild guiding other teachers from around the world through the Design Thinking process in order to solve the biggest challenges in education. She is an author of curriculum for outside organizations including the U.S. History Advanced Placement course. In 2012, Lisa received a grant from Scarsdale Schools’ Center for Innovation to research innovation education program and spaces. In 2014, Lisa received another grant from the CFI to integrate Maker projects across levels. Agency by Design (Harvard’s Project Zero) selected Lisa as one of thirty Maker Teachers across the country to participate in their learning community and she coaches their online class: Thinking and Learning in the Maker Centered Classroom. She leads Innovation Education, Design Thinking and Maker workshops and presents at conferences, encouraging educators to shift their practice. Lisa earned her BA in Studio Art and French Literature from Williams College, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa, and her Master's Degree in Art History from Columbia University. She also has a degree in building and district level administration from Stony Brook University.