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Nate Stone

Denver Public Library
Technology Education Administrator
Denver, CO
I worked as a community organizer, afterschool program coordinator, grant writer, researcher, and many other weird social justice-y jobs for a decade before joining Denver Public Library in 2011 after a stint in the Peace Corps with my partner. Since then, I've taught technology classes on everything from moving a mouse to Python and provided help in the Community Technology Center; founded our ideaLAB makerspace program and built six spaces across our system; and I currently supervise our team of Digital Navigators at Denver Public Library and am responsible for developing and delivering tech instruction system-wide. In my spare time, I raise two kids, volunteer in immigrant rights and resettlement organizations, draw, play games, and kill a lot of plants in my garden. You can talk to me about digital navigators, digital security and privacy, postpunk, and where to grab drinks after the conference.